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photo of a dog being x rayed

ACCT Philly Receives Generous Grant From The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare

ACCT Philly is excited to announce the unveiling of its first-ever radiology suite, thanks to a generous
grant from The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare.

As the only open intake animal shelter and animal care and control provider in the city of Philadelphia,
ACCT Philly takes in thousands of animals each year. Many of those animals are injured, but the extents
of their injuries are unknown until radiographs are provided. Over the last year, numerous animals have
come in with gunshot or stab wounds, appeared to have ingested foreign objects, or have broken bones.
One dog who was found in an abandoned house had seven pounds of trash in her stomach.

With the dire shortage of adopters and fosters impacting ACCT Philly (and almost all animal shelters or
rescues nationwide), having the ability to perform radiographs will faster help animals to get the
appropriate care they need and allow them to be released more quickly to adopters, rescues and fosters.
With ACCT’s animal population frequently at capacity, being able to safely move animals out of the
shelter will save other lives as well.

“We are thrilled to finally have the ability to perform radiographs,” said Sarah Barnett, Executive
Director of ACCT Philly. “There are few worse feelings than trying to determine how to help an injured
animal with extremely limited information and diagnostics, and having x-rays will help countless animals
at ACCT in the future.”

“Once I found out that the ACCT did not have their own x-ray equipment, within moments, I doubled
their allocation for the year so that they could afford it,” said Philip Randell, Vice President of the
Foundation. “I knew that having their own radiology capacity would shorten the suffering of animals,
save the ACCT tens of thousands of dollars a year, and reduce the time staff members had to be
offsite…in waiting rooms.”


About the Foundation:
The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare serves animal and human needs through grants
provided to 501(c)(3) organizations. Support is given for Outreach, Animal Relocation, Animal Care,
Shelter/Capital Support, and Veterinary Medical Aid, helping dog, cat, and horse populations.
The Foundation's mission is to protect, care for, and support vulnerable, at-risk animals, and to address animal-
related human conditions, connections, and bonds. Irving and Phyllis valued the human and animal relationship, and
the Foundation provides grants and programs that foster and preserve these relationships. Grantmaking procedures
are consultative and problem-solving. For more information about the Foundation's mission and approach, please
read Foundation Policy Statement.