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Cold Weather Tips 

As the temperature drops and we bundle up in warm clothes, it’s important to remember that our furry friends need extra care during the cold winter months. Just like us, animals can be affected by the freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Whether you have a dog, cat, or other outdoor pet, these tips will help you ensure their well-being during the cold weather.

  • Make sure pets have shelter. Keep all indoor cats inside, even if they like to roam outside during warmer weather.
  • You can let your dogs go out for a quick potty break and some exercise, but they should be kept inside for the rest of the time. Dogs like huskies and northern breeds with heavier coats can go out for longer periods but should be supervised
  • If your dog is outdoors for a long period of time during the day for any reason, they must have adequate shelter. That shelter must be protected by a dry, draft-free shelter that is large enough to allow them to move but small enough to hold body heat.
  • If your dog has a short coat, they may be more comfortable with a sweater– even if you are going out for a short walk. If you are bundled, think if they need to be!
  • Remember to always wipe down your dog’s feet after going out for a walk. With rock salt and other chemicals on the ground to clear the pathway, it can irritate the pads of your pets feet. Try to do so quickly so your pet doesn’t lick their paws! A warm washcloth works well if you can’t do more!
  • If you use antifreeze, remember to put it in an area your pet or other animals can not get too. It is a deadly poison to animals!
  • Speak up if you encounter a pet left in the cold without adequate shelter. If you are comfortable, inform the owner as they may not know the risk that cold weather has on their pets.

If you see an abandoned animal without shelter during a Code Blue, you can call (267) 385-3800 then press 1 to report. Or you can email with all the details you have. ACCT Philly has the authority to enforce the Code Blue ordinance by issuing citations (owners who violate it can be fined up to hundreds of dollars). If we see potential cruelty or neglect, we refer the case to PSPCA.