Day Trip Program

ACCT Philly’s Day Trip Program enables individuals to bring a shelter dog out for the day, a few hours, or even for the entire weekend, providing them with a much-needed break from shelter life for however long you desire!

If you are a new foster or interested in participating in our Day Trip Program, please start by filling out our Foster Application. Then you can schedule a time to pick up a dog for a Day Trip by emailing


How long can I take a dog out of the shelter? 

The choice is yours! Whether you opt for a car ride to grab a pup-cone, invite them into your home for some playtime and naps, or enjoy a leisurely stroll in a park like the Wissahickon, it’s entirely up to you. Just inform us when you plan to return them, and we’ll be prepared. Weekends are also an excellent choice for this adventure!

Why are Day Trips so important? 

Research indicates that providing a dog with a night away from the shelter can significantly reduce their stress levels upon their return. Furthermore, the photos and additional information you gather during their outing can greatly enhance their chances of finding a permanent home.

What can I do with a pup on a Day Trip? 

  • Stroll in a park like the Wissahickon or Pennypack
  • Walk on the Art Museum steps
  • Jog along the Schuylkill River Trail
  • Car ride to get a pup cup or some nuggets
  • Our dogs are not picky and would love any adventure you take them on!

Here are our rules: 

  • No direct interactions with dogs or other animals 
  • Avoid open areas like a dog park 
  • You are not permitted to transfer the dog into the care of another person