You MUST have an appointment to surrender a pet to the shelter. Any walk-in owner surrender appointments will NOT be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: The shelter is FULL, and all animals are at a high risk of euthanasia. 

Outlined below are the fees associated with surrendering an animal and reclaiming your pet:

Surrender Fees:

  • Owner Surrender – $40 
  • Deceased Pet Drop Off- $ 20 

Returned to Owner Fees:

  • Vaccines- $15 each
  • Microchip- $20 each 
  • Reclaim Fee- $20/day 
  • Dog License- $16 (spayed/neutered) or $40 (non-spayed/non-neutered) 

*Please note that additional fees may apply* 

Every animal that enters ACCT, whether stray or owned, is vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. This is for their own protection as they are in an environment with many other animals. When reclaiming your dog, you are charged nominal fees that cover these costs.