The Yoda Fund

white dog yoda for yoda fund
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Sometimes all a homeless pet needs to find a loving home is shelter and some TLC, but often the pets arriving at ACCT Philly need more than that. Each year, ACCT Philly takes in many dogs with injuries or other ailments that hinder their chance at finding a home of their own.

But through the Yoda Fund, you can help can us help them.

Founded in December of 2019 by ACCT Board member Marsha Perelman in memory of her dog Yoda, the Yoda Fund helps these dogs get a the urgent care they need. Yoda was a very loved dog who needed significant medical care when he first entered the shelter and throughout his stay there. In his memory, the Yoda Fund helps to cover the costs of diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and treatments for dogs in need of a bit of additional medical care to rebound and find a home, or to be placed with a rescue.

The Yoda Fund has already helped save the lives of the dogs pictured below who are currently looking for homes and others. With your help, can continue to help us save more lives.

Please consider making a donation to the Yoda Fund today.