Lost Your Pet?

Losing a pet can be a scary experience; the best way to find your pet is to act quickly! Below are some steps to help locate your lost pets. 

STEP 1: Click this link to fill out a lost report on Petco Love Lost. After filing your report, check the site at least once a day to view new potential matches. Petco Love Lost collects lost/found pet reports from individuals as well as thousands of shelters and rescues nationwide, and uses AI and facial recognition software to find possible matches to missing pets. For best results, use a clear photo of your pet, enter their microchip number (if they have one) in your report, and provide a description of the pet’s collar, leash, harness, and/or any distinctive markings.

STEP 2: Visit the shelter in person as soon as possible if your pet is missing. ACCT Philly is open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm. Descriptions provided via phone or email are not sufficient for staff to identify your pet – you MUST come in person. Stray dogs are held for 48 hours, after which they may be adopted, rescued, fostered, or humanely euthanized. There is no legally mandated hold period for cats. Thus, daily visits are highly recommended! Please bring your photo ID and proof of ownership (photos, vet records, adoption paperwork, etc), so that if your pet is in the shelter, we are able to verify ownership and return it to you.

STEP 3: If your pet has a microchip, call the microchip registry to ensure that the information listed on your pet’s microchip is up to date. You can also report your pet as missing directly with the microchip registry. If you are unsure where your pet’s microchip is registered, please visit the AAHA microchip search site and enter the chip number. If you are unsure if your pet has a microchip, you can call your vet’s office or the breeder/shelter/rescue from which you obtained the pet to see if they have any records.

STEP 4: Keep an eye on ACCT Philly’s found pets online. You can view found dogs here, and view found cats here. You can also follow our lost and found Facebook page. More than 16,000 animals pass through the shelter each year, so even if you are checking online, it is still important to come in person frequently (daily visits are best).

What you need to reclaim your pet

If you have found your pet at ACCT Philly, we know you are very relieved and anxious to take him back to his home.  To reclaim your pet from the shelter, bring as many of these items as you have with you:

  • Current government issued identification with your name and address (driver’s license; state ID, etc) ***This is required***
  • Current vaccination records
  • Proof of ownership (pictures of your pet, vaccination records, adoption papers, bill of sale, city license)
  • There are some fees involved in reclaiming your pet.  The shelter accepts cash, credit cards, money orders or personal checks. All dogs and cats are microchipped and vaccinated on intake, unless their behavior prevents it

Do not hesitate to contact ACCT Philly’s Community Support Department at info@acctphilly.org or 267-385-3800 if you have any questions.