Statistics and Reports

Since its inception, ACCT Philly has reduced intake dramatically through progressive strategies such as a community cats program, surrender prevention, and intake diversion. In addition to collaborating with hundreds of rescue partners throughout the region, ACCT Philly’s dedicated lifesaving staff manages a robust foster program, forward thinking return-to-owner policies, and a strong shelter-neuter-return program. In January of 2021, ACCT Philly achieved its highest live release rate for cats, and an overall live release rate of 92 percent.

The following is a breakdown by month of the organization’s statistics. ACCT Philly is dedicated to providing accurate and timely data on services provided to the citizens and animals of Philadelphia. Animal handling statistics are published within 30 days of the completion of each month, with year end totals shared at the end of the year.

Animal Care Data

In 2020 ACCT Philly updated reports to utilize a single live release rate formula, with no intake or outcome types omitted, the formula used by Shelter Animals Count, which is a nationally recognized organization collecting data from shelters around the country. However, ACCT Philly is the only organization in Philadelphia providing owner requested euthanasia for pets for behavioral or medical reasons. Each animal is evaluated, but we do honor most of these requests.

In 2021, owner requested euthanasia accounted for 31 percent (506) of the 1,611 animals who were euthanized, out of the 14,200 who came into ACCT that year. With this in mind, starting in 2022, ACCT Philly is returning to using the Asilomar Accord calculation, which is calculated by dividing all live outcomes by all outcomes, not including owner requested euthanasia. While ACCT Philly will be using the Asilomar Accord calculation, we are also returning to including all three top live release rate calculations used nationwide instead of only one.

You can read more about live release rates and how they are calculated, here.