News & Noteworthy 

Making room for construction! ACCT Philly is having $10 dog adoptions all week starting March 4th! 

Due to ongoing construction in several areas aimed at further decreasing the spread of illness, 14 large dog kennels in isolation will be temporarily unavailable. The construction timeline has been accelerated to implement these crucial improvements sooner, but it means we have less time to prepare. 

Starting Monday, March 4th, we will be having $10 dog adoptions for our dogs weighing 40 lbs or more all week long. It’s an incredible opportunity to bring home a loyal companion and make a positive impact on their lives.

With a daily intake of 20-25 new dogs, we are quickly running out of space. We are reaching out to our wonderful community for assistance in finding loving homes for these deserving pups.

If anyone has been considering adding a furry friend to their family but haven’t made the leap yet, now is the perfect time! 

About the adoption promotion:

All dogs 40 lbs and larger are $10 to adopt – and all dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered before going home if adopted. 

We have over 100 dogs in our shelter looking for homes, so for anyone who is looking to adopt, now is the time. You can look online or come in between 10-6pm. 

If people are unable to adopt, they can help us out by: 

  • coming into the shelter immediately if they’re missing their dog , and file a lost report online on our website:
  • Make sure their pets have collars with contact information
  • Reach out to us if they need help keeping their dog, there are resources, and the sooner we know the better we can help
  • If they find a stray dog, file a found pet report on our website, knock on doors in the area where the pet was found to see if you can reunite the pet instead of bringing them in. Learn more here:
  • Foster: If you’re not looking to adopt, please consider fostering a large dog. Learn more here:
  • Donate: Please also consider donating, we’re a nonprofit organization and without the support of donors, many animals would suffer. Donate here: