News & Noteworthy 

Dogs Playing for Life comes to ACCT Philly! 

ACCT Philly recently hosted Dogs Playing for Life, a reputable organization known for its exceptional training in running playgroups for shelter dogs. The training session was a huge success for not only our staff, but with the dogs who participated! Many of the dogs who were able to participate in the training have found adopters, fosters, or even left with rescue partners. Dogs Playing for Life provided shelter staff and volunteers with the necessary tools to effectively operate playgroups.

Playgroups have been shown to be an effective way to reduce stress among shelter dogs while also providing them with critical socialization skills. In playgroups, shelter dogs interact with other dogs of various temperaments, which allows ACCT staff to determine if the dog is friendly towards other dogs and provides us with other characteristics of that dog. 

Thanks to the training provided by Dogs Playing for Life, ACCT Philly staff and volunteers now have a better understanding on how to run playgroups and incorporate it daily. The dogs in our care will now have the opportunity to play with each other, which reduces their stress levels and increases their chances of finding their forever homes. The staff and volunteers at ACCT Philly are grateful for the opportunity of being able to host  Dogs Playing for Life  and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the shelter dogs.