Happy Tails

Happy Tails: Blue Ivy/Baby!

In October of 2020 my daughters and I decided we needed to adopt a friend for our pug mix, Squish.  My daughter really wanted a chihuahua, so we started looking at different area shelters.  For a few weeks it seemed that every dog we found that we loved was quickly adopted or put into foster care.  After a few weeks of disappointment we decided to go to ACCT Philly on a whim.  It was the middle of COVID so we could not walk through the kennels, and we had to wait in a long line, all the time discussing the available dogs and what we would be able to adopt based on our lifestyle.   None of the dogs on the portal met our “requirements” (under 40lbs, no pitt bulls) but we agreed to meet a beautiful 50lb Pitt named Blue Ivy.  When she came out to meet us she appeared disinterested, nervous, and a little standoffish.  I let her sniff me and knelt down to pet her, already deciding she was not the dog we were looking for. Her tail was tucked and she was clearly nervous- licking her lips and not looking directly at any of us.  As I stood up to ask about another dog on our list, she looked right at me with frightened, hopeful eyes and I knew I couldn’t leave her.  We went in and adopted her that day.  The moment we got her into the car, it was like a light switch was flipped and my timid, frightened girl sprung to life.  She jumped all over everyone giving excited kisses!  We pulled out of the parking lot and she hasn’t looked back! We decided to change her name to Baby, and we couldn’t love her more.  I wish I could say she was a perfect dog, but she still struggles with anxiety and uncertainty.  She has worked with a trainer and made huge progress.  She will never be the “perfect” disciplined cuddly dog, but she is the perfect version of herself and she is the most loyal, loving dog I have ever met. She is the reason I volunteer and foster through ACCT.  I know there are many more frightened babies just like her looking for a chance to show someone just how much love they have to give!