Happy Tails

Happy Tails: Murphy!

Murphy was adopted from ACCT in July 2020. He was found tied up to a fence overnight in Kensington and has old and new scars/cuts on his face and ears. I could only assume he was a bait dog, but we can never know for sure.
According to a volunteer, he took 30 minutes to get out of him kennel because he was so scared but after he finally got into the enclosed play area, he latched on to the volunteer and kept looking over his shoulders.
I fostered with intent of adopting him and fell in love right away. He was so shut down that his stranger reactivity didn’t come out for a few weeks but when it did, I realized I had a lot of work ahead of me to make sure he decompressed and could live his best life.
With the help of trainers, friends I’ve met online who had reactive dogs, and a lot of consistency, Murphy is a completely different dog today. He still takes time to warm up but his circle has grown exponentially! It goes to show that if you put the time and dedication into meeting these dogs where they are at, they can live their best life. He loves so many people now and repays me with so much love every single day.
I now volunteer at ACCT when I can and started an Etsy shop which began with selling reactive dog bandanas. It’s evolved into seasonal bandanas but I’ve been able to raise over $1900 for various rescues in the past 3 years.
Murphy’s instagram is used to spread awareness about the Bully Breeds, positive reinforcement training, and his daily adventures.
If you wanted to keep up with us, he can be found on Instagram @murphythephillypit
If you are looking for a custom bandana and want to support our small business we are on instagram @omdog_llc or Etsy:
$5 from every Etsy order will be donated to ACCT in December.