Happy Tails

Happy Tails: Nibblet!

In 2016 I picked up a litter of less than 1 week old kittens that needed fostering. Two of the three quickly passed away from panleuk, but the third survived. He went on to beat the odds of both being an orphaned neonate and having the virus. He developed cerebellar hypoplasia- he’s a wobbly cat! Our family fell in love with him as we helped him grow strong and we decided to adopt him. We named him Nibblet. When he was a baby we said he was the size of a corn niblet, haha. 
Since then, he’s adapted to his physical limitations, and he’s a source of endless entertainment. He loves playing with laser pointers and balls. He takes daily naps with my elderly father and knows how to work the cute angle to get extra treats. Nibblet also reminds us to enjoy the little things and to extend compassion to those in need, whether person or animal. We’re so grateful for the opportunity we had to foster and adopt him!